Wildflower Ridge Honey


David Barrickman, owner of Wildflower Ridge Honey, has been a beekeeper for more than 50 years and with the Fishers Farmers Market since its inception.


Original raw honey or honey peanut butter
wildflower ridge honey

INTERVIEW: David Barrickman, owner

Why did you start your business?
"I learned beekeeping from my grandfather. I was looking for a way to supplement my income after retirement and started increasing my hives and moved into honey sales. It ended up turning into a full-time job."

What products do you sell and what is your most popular product?
"We sell honey, beeswax, pollen, whipped honeys (creamed honey) in multiple flavors, honey peanut butter." 

What is an interesting fact about your business?
"We are constantly educating the public about the nutritional and medicinal value of honey. The value of honey isn’t known as well or recognized like it is in Europe. Honey is not only good for you inside, but also outside."

What is your favorite part of the farmers market?
"The interaction with the customer. We have made friends and acquaintances through the market, and we've enjoyed seeing children grow from preschoolers to college students. We have even stayed in contact with some of our customers that have moved away."

What else do you want customers to know about your business?
"We specialize in raw honey, and we sell only Indiana honey. When referring to honey as being local honey, 'local honey' means that the honey would be from your garden zone. We are garden zone 5."