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Dragonwood started in 2009 with Abigail Gerig and her dad, Michael. Their beekeeping adventure began in 2004 after Andrea Gerig (Abigail’s mom) accused Michael of boring Christmas presents. He signed the three of them up for beekeeping classes and was never accused of boring presents again.


Whipped honey, spice-infused syrups

INTERVIEW: Abigail Gerig, co-owner

What do you sell and what’s your most popular product?
"We sell honey and maple syrup, pure and flavored, with about 50 different individual SKUs. Our most popular product is our pure honey, followed closely by our pure maple syrup."

How did you become interested in selling maple syrup and honey?
"We started the business in 2009, and we actually weren’t selling honey or maple syrup at all—we just started with some craft dolls I was making! I was 11 at the time and as a kid, I thought they were so cool so everybody needed to know about them. We had been hobby beekeepers since 2004, and they [people at the Farmer’s Market] said “Hey, we need honey, please bring honey!” We added maple syrup in 2013 because we lived in an old sugaring woods and it was something my dad always wanted to do, so the opportunity came along, and it snowballed from there!"

What’s an interesting fact about your business?
"My dad and I do this together, and you don’t normally find a lot of businesses that are a 'daddy-daughter duo.' He and I run the business together and we are both beekeepers and maple syrup makers. We run about 150 hives and 1,000 taps for maple syrup. All of our products are packed in our on-site state inspected kitchen."

What’s your favorite part about the Farmers’ Market?
"My favorite part of any Farmers’ Market is always interacting with customers and putting a smile on their faces when I give them a sample of our delicious products. And the Fishers Farmers’ Market has really good food, too!"

What have you learned/improved upon in your business?
"We’ve been in business (since 2009), so there’s been a lot of learning and growing. Everything from learning the actual agricultural processes of keeping bees, which are essentially livestock, and boiling syrup, to financing. It’s been a huge learning process and I never stop learning."

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